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Make your technology work for your business.

With Help Desk Cavalry, you can stop worrying about IT issues so you can focus on moving your business forward. Our experienced staff monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure 24x7 to keep your business running.



Is your Network secure? Is your Data backed up and protected?

How confident are you in the security of your IT infrastructure? How often do you backup your company's data? Are you storing a recent backup offsite? When was the last time you tested a restore from your current backup solution?  Help Desk Cavalry will give you peace of mind.


Get all-you-can-eat Help Desk and Remote Support for your entire staff.

Don't let your employees just cope with workstation issues; with Help Desk Cavalry they can quickly open a ticket with our Help Desk without costing your business an extra dime.


Eliminate costly downtime
by detecting and resolving IT issues before they bring down your systems.

With 24x7 monitoring and maintenance, most software issues can be prevented.  Focus on your business, not your IT.


Let Help Desk Cavalry monitor your network to prevent and repair common issues, and apply updates.

We monitor everything from anti-virus, to event logs, to patch and security update availability. We even test and whitelist updates before applying them to your systems.

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Intel's NUC
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Client Testimonials

new firm picCertified public accountants (CPAs) are a vital part of assisting individuals financially to prepare for both the present and the future. In an area with booming local businesses, it is with the help of CPAs that they continue running smoothly.
Brad Orser has been a Kitsap CPA since 1998. In 2013, he became the owner of Bradley Orser, CPA, Inc., P.S., an already established firm in Bremerton. He is fond of the smaller community that Kitsap County presents, confident that his quality service will be something of which people will want to be a part. While Brad’s is one of the leading firms in the area, he is always searching to improve and hopes to do so by gathering a support staff that allows him to spend more time with clients outside of the office. This relationship building is how he looks forward to creating a better business. Being readily available to clients in order to educate or answer questions is top priority for Brad.
Prior to Help Desk Cavalry, Brad was his firm’s personal IT. This added responsibility created undue stress for the firm. With updates now happening behind the scenes, the burden of keeping up with the online systems has been relieved. Having important data backed up and knowing that his clients’ data is secure brings Brad peace of mind so that he may focus primarily on his clients rather than the technology connecting them.
Although Brad had not been driven by technology, it became abundantly clear that by actively pursuing it, client relationships improved. Not only is he able to develop a larger client base, but he is now able to retain those clients when they move around the country. With the use of online services, Brad is able to cut the distance between him and his clients all over the world.
Brad said, “Knowing what [Help Desk Cavalry] can do has been a relief for me. It’s wonderful having them a phone call away. They are fast!”

Latest News

  • 2015 Year in Review--What Just Happened?

    What an incredible year 2015 was here at Help Desk Cavalry. We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our milestone year. During 2015, HDCav strategically increased personnel and its technology infrastructure to better support our clients. HDCav acquired Pro-Action I.T. based in Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island, and inherited their office in Poulsbo. Additional staff was added during the year including: Matt Hadlock, Luke Lucas, Brandon Hansen, Armand Cote, and Sarah Dennica Bingham. We hear that you are all enjoying working with them as much as we enjoy having them on our team. Read More button

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